Musician  Christoph Gallio saxo alto y soprano // Paula Shocron piano // Pablo Diaz batería // Production notes All compositions are by Gallio / Shocron / Diaz // Recorded el 27 de abril del 2017 en Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires, Argentina de Sam Nacht // Edited by Gallio / Shocron / Diaz // Mixed and mastered by Sam Nacht // Graphic design by Pablo Diaz // Cover art by Pablo Diaz




“STATEMENTS” was recently released by “NendoDango Records”. Album was recorded by a trio – it’s Christoph Gallio (alto & soprano saxophone), Paula Shocron (piano & voice) and Pablo Díaz (drums & percussion). All three musicians have unique and interesting playing style, specific playing manner and sound. Christoph Gallio is an avant-garde jazz saxophonist. His improvisations usually have expressive and passionate sound. He also has a tendency to experiment in various sections of musical language – search for new timbres and inventive musical decisions. Saxophonist had created interesting and especially expressive playing style, which is based on turbulent and free solos, spontaneous improvisations and musical experiments. Paula Shocron is a vocalist and pianist. Her improvisations are full of spontaneous ,loud, powerful and expressive solos. Improviser plays with passion, especially expressive, always likes brave and interesting musical decisions and tries to create extraordinary and modern sound. Her improvisations are based on free and contrasting improvising, have bright and evocative musical language. Pablo Diaz is an avant-garde jazz drummer. His music is based on avant-garde jazz and late modern jazz styles synthesis – bebop, neo-bop, hard-bop, post-bop are synthesized together with creative, free and other similar styles of avant-garde jazz. Collective and turbulent improvisations, expressive playing manner, wide range of different timbres, rhythms and expressions create vivacious, striking and interesting sound of his improvisations.

The newest album compositions by this trio also have remarkable and touching sound. It’s especially emotional, filled with expressive solos, touching and emotional melodies, contrasting episodes, virtuosic, wild fast and rapid passages which are connected together with calm, peaceful and relaxing excerpts. Dynamic rhythmic, sharp harmony, dissonance chords, based on strange compilations, huge variety of different playing techniques, sounds, timbres, dynamics and other elements of musical language. The album is based on free, turbulent and expressive collective improvisations and subtle excerpts, which have abstract musical pattern and are full of unusual timbres and sounds. Saxophone melodies are especially vibrant and expressive. Passionate solos, touching, rapid, wild fast and furious passages, roaring, turbuent, loud, vibrant and powerful blow outs, strange timbres, colorful sounds, wide range of different playing techniques and radical musical experiments – all these elements bring especially effective and expressive sound. Piano and voice improvisations also are especially bright and effective. Aggressive, rigorous, sharp and expressive piano solos, loud, powerful and fast passages, colorful stylistic changes, different characters and sounds are connected together with slow, calm and relaxing pieces of the improvisations. Voice improvisations also are heard in this album. It’s based on unuusal sounds, interesting musical experiments and wide range of experimental playing techniques. Improviser creates colorful, bright and innovative sound by using many different playing expressions, inventive and shocking musical experiments and other similar elements. Pablo Diaz drums and percussion are totally based on turbulent and vibrant collective improvisations, energetic and rapid solos, loud and powerful drum rolls, colorful timbres, subtle and abstract excerpts and other elements. Musician masterfully combines all these elements in one place. This music is especially contrasting and has difficult and bright musical language. Collective, turbulent, expressive and energetic improvisations are gently connected together with calm, abstract, peaceful and slow episodes. These episodes are based on musical experiments, search of new timbres, extraction of weird and colorful sounds and have an abstract musical pattern. The sudden changes between these two modes make a contrasting and effective sound. The music of this album is full of inventive musical decisions, passionate and expressive improvising and has a remarkable and original sound.