2022, CD ezz-thetics Hat Hut Records 1038 // 9 tracks // 40:29
Musicians Christoph Gallio soprano & C-merlody // Markus Eichenberger clarinet // Production notes All compositions by Christoph Gallio & Markuseichenberger (except track 8 by Christoph Gallio) // Recorded at PERCASO studio in Baden by Christoph Gallio, 2020 June 19 & 20 // Edited & mixed by EICHENBERGER / GALLIO // Mixed by EICHENBERGER / GALLIO // Mastered by Michael Brändli at Hard Studios in Winterthur // Liner Notes by Art Lange // Produced by EICHENBERGER / GALLIO & Werner X. Uehlinger, Bernhard "Benne" Vischer, Christian C. Dalucas // // Graphic design by fuhrer vienna // Cover photo by Christoph Gallio


Brian Olewnick

A lovely recording, 'Unison Polyphony' from Markus Eichenberger (clarinet) and Christoph Gallio (soprano & C-melody saxophones.) Think of a neighborhood about halfway between The International Nothing and a lost, highly restrained Braxton/Mitchell outing from the 70s--really enjoyable.